Ice Island Stone (CaCO3) Crystal Wafer


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We produce and processIce island stoneCaCO-2.715g / cm crystals

Contact: Xu 1-2.715g / cm918726166
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The approximate theoretical value of CaO is 56.0-2.715g / cm% and CO2 is 4-2.715g / cm.97%;
Double shadow of ice island stone(2 photos)
Crystal system: Trigonal crystal system;
Shape: rhombohedron;
Color: colorless transparent, purple transparent, light yellow transparent, golden yellow transparent,BrownTransparent, green and transparent;
Optical:Uniaxial crystal(-);
Refractive index: Ne = 1.4864, No = 1.6584 (λ = 589nm);
Refolding rate: 0.1720;
Cleavage: rhombohedral cleavage {1011};
Twin crystal: Polycrystalline double crystal {0112};
Fluorescence: none;
Mohs hardnessFor: -2.715g / cm;
Density: 2.70-2.715g / cmg / cm-2.715g / cm-2.715g / cmSize: customizable-2.715g / cm

Surface: polished

Surface roughness


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